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Cross-Training in Spanish CDSMP,DSMP, Spanish DSMP, CPSMP, PSMP, CTS, BBC or wCDSMP - SMRC Training

CDSMP to Tomando control de su salud Cross-Training - March 3 2023

Training description

Type: Zoom webinar with online pre-work


  1. Certified or recently trained Master Trainer or T-Trainer in CDSMP*

  2. Speak, read, and write Spanish fluently

This training will prepare certified CDSMP Trainers to facilitate Tomando control de su salud (Spanish CDSMP). This training is in Spanish.

*Experienced Certified Leaders may enroll on the wait list for this training on a space-available basis.

Training details

Watching videos, reading materials and a test are required during the 2 weeks before the webinar, These must be completed and submitted 2 business days before the webinar or registration will be cancelled and the fee forfeited. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to watch all the videos and complete your homework (2-3 hours).

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* Registration ends 02/27/2023

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9:30 am (Pacific) - 11:30 am (Pacific)

Organizer: home

Self-Management Resource Center

phone(650) 242-8040




SMRC – Self-Management Resource Center
(650) 242-8040

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