Trainer Certification

To submit a Master Trainer or T-Trainer Certification form or to print an existing certification, log in to your the Member portal and submit your agreement and certification application online.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Full Certification Guidelines (PDF)
Guías para Certificación (Certification Guidelines in Spanish – PDF)



Permission granted by the Self-Management Resource Center to individuals who have completed training in SMRC programs, have been recommended for certification for Master Trainer or T-Trainer by their trainers, and who have completed additional requirements as detailed in the Certification Guidelines document.  Certified Master Trainers are allowed to train Leaders, and T-Trainers are allowed to train Leaders and Master Trainers.  Leaders are not certified by SMRC, but gain and maintain active status through their organization’s Leader trainings and workshop activities.  Leaders facilitate community workshops for persons with chronic diseases for caregivers in their community.


An “active” Leader or Trainer has successfully completed training in a program, met requirements due within the initial 12 months after training in that program, and continues to facilitate all activities required by policy outlined in the Certification Guidelines in all subsequent years.  Active status is retained separately for each program in which someone has been trained.  To remain active in more that one program, Leaders must conduct one full workshop every other year (i.e., every 2 years) for every program for which they are certified.

Leader Training:

An event during which prospective Leaders are trained by two Master Trainers or T-Trainers. This can be in-person or virtual training.

Master Training:

A 2-day in-person SMRC event where prospective Master Trainers are trained by two T-Trainers or a Certifying T-Trainer and a T-Trainer apprentice.

A 9 hour (over three weeks) virtual training given by SMRC.  To attend one must be an active Leader who has lead two or more participant workshops, one in the past year which was virtual.


An event, either by webinar or in-person, to prepare a Leader, Master Trainer or T-Trainer to facilitate a workshop in a program other than that in which they were originally trained.  For example, if you were trained in CDSMP you might be cross-trained to Diabetes or Cancer: Thriving and Surviving.  Cross-trainings  for Leaders are conducted by Master Trainers, T-Trainers or SMRC.   Cross training for Master Trainers and T-Trainers is conducted only by SMRC via webinar. Program-specific activities are covered in cross-trainings.

Apprenticeship (suspended at this time)

An event during which qualified Master Trainers apprentice to become T-Trainers.  Apprentices conduct a master training under the supervision and mentorship of a Certifying T-Trainer.

Certificates of Completion of Training:  

  • For Leader training: Given by the organization offering the training.  Format is at the organization’s discretion.
  • For Master training: Certificates of Completion of Training are given by the organization offering the training.  Master Trainer Certification is given by SMRC once the person completing Master training has facilitated two participant workshops and has submitted their Master Trainer Agreement and Certification Application to SMRC.
  • For T-Trainers: The Certifying T-Trainer must inform SMRC of successful completion of apprenticeship and the new T-Trainer their T-Trainer Agreement and Certification Application to SMRC.  SMRC will issue the T-Trainer certification.

Policy about the Transferability of Master and T-Trainer Status

Master Trainers:

Once trained and certified as a Master Trainer in one program, status can be upgraded to Master Trainer for all programs for which the person is currently an active Leader and has submitted the certification application for that program in their portal.

When a Master Trainer is trained in any new program and facilitates one (1) workshop as a Leader, they can be certified as a Master Trainer in that program.


Once certified as a T-Trainer in one program, status will be upgraded to T-Trainer for all programs for which the person is currently an active Master Trainer or Leader, and has submitted the certification application for that program in their portal. A certification application must be submitted in the member portal for each program.

When a certified T-Trainer is trained as a Master Trainer or a Leader in any new program and facilitates one (1) workshop in that new program as a Leader, they can be upgraded to a T-Trainer in that program.  A certification application must be submitted in the member portal for each program.

Annual Report Requirements

All Master Trainers and T-Trainers are required to submit an annual report in January of each year for their activity during the previous calendar year.  Reports must be submitted in their member portal.  Annual reports are a requirement to maintain Trainer certification. Failure to submit the report on time results in the following consequences:

  • $100 fee for reports submitted in February
  • For reports submitted in March, Trainers will lose their certification and a $150 fee will be required to reinstate it.
  • After March 31, Trainers will be required to re-take a full Leader’s training in order to regain their certification.

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