Virtual Master Trainings

Virtual Master Training

SMRC offers 3-week virtual trainings for new Master Trainers.  Potential Master Trainers are trained to facilitate Leader training, cross-training, and update training for any SMRC program.  The training is conducted with Zoom video meetings by SMRC staff.  The limit is 12 trainees per training, and all trainees must already be certified Leaders in any SMRC program and have facilitated at least two workshops before registering for master training.

With the exception of certain pre-arranged master trainings in non-English-speaking countries, organizations must send all potential Master Trainers to a SMRC Virtual Master Training.  We do not offer in-person master training.

How does the training work?

  • Trainees meets 3-hours once a week for 3 weeks.
  • Meetings are Zoom video meetings using webcam and computer speakers.
  • There are homework assignments required before and during the training.

Requirements to Attend

  • Sponsored by a licensed SMRC organization (licensing information)
  • Is a Certified Leader in at least one SMRC program
  • Has facilitated at least 2 SMRC workshops as a Leader, at least one of which was a virtual workshop, within the last year, and has submitted an Application for Master Trainer Certification on the SMRC website after registering for the training.  Failure to submit the certification form before the start of the training will result in cancellation of registration without refund.
  • Has own stable, fast, internet connection
  • Has own computer and webcam (no mobile devices or telephone participation)
  • Has good sound quality
  • Proficient in how to use your equipment

zoom screen of training


Master Trainer Certification Requirements

In order to become a certified SMRC Master Trainer, trainees will need to:

  1. Attend all video webinar training sessions, including practice training sessions
  2. Complete required homework
  3. Be approved for Master Trainer certification by SMRC
  4. Facilitate 1 virtual SMRC program Leader training within 18 months

See our Training Calendar for scheduled trainings



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