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SMRC partners with Canary Peers and Vively to offer asynchronous internet-based workshops. The programs share the same content and similar structure to the community-based Chronic Disease Self-Management and Building Better Caregivers workshops. However, the participants log on any hour and as often as they like during the six-week workshop. New content is posted each week, and the workshops are moderated by two trained self-management program facilitators. Interaction between the participants happens on threaded bulletin boards, where they can share experiences, and give and receive support.

Canary Peers
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Better Choices Better Health (CDSMP) and Building Better Caregivers

Canary Peers is a leader in digital health  and currently partners with some of the nation’s largest health plans, employers, state health departments, and universities in the US and Canada. Workshops are turnkey and include marketing and recruitment support, workshop administration, training and staffing Leaders, book fulfillment, evaluation, and an alumni community. Small groups of  up to 30 participants start weekly or on demand. Learn more at

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Vively makes internet-based SMRC programs available in Spanish for organizations. Vively’s SMRC Online Platform maintains SMRC methodology, in an asynchronous model (this allows the participant to access anytime and anywhere during the week), delivered in a secure “turnkey” solution. Service is based in projects, Vively adapts to the organization needs. For Spanish, besides the Platform, Vively also has its own Facilitators and Master Trainers. For other languages, the Platform content can be translated. Learn more at

Vively pone a disposición de las organizaciones los programas de SMRC en formato Online en español. Manteniendo la metodología de SMRC, en un modelo asíncrono (permitiendo que el participante acceda en cualquier momento durante la semana a la plataforma), con una solución “llave en mano” en un entorno seguro. Servicio basado en modelo de proyecto y adaptándonos a las necesidades de la organización. En español, además de la plataforma, disponemos de Facilitadores y Master Trainers, en el caso de otros idiomas, es posible la traducción del contenido de la plataforma. Más información en


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