Guidelines for Workshops During COVID-19 Pandemic

Guidelines for Workshops During COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond


Adjustments have to be made on how we serve our communities since the pandemic began.  Here we provide SMRC guidance.

Listen to audio file of the Q&A webinar about virtual delivery guidance 30 July 2020

Survey for organizations using alternate delivery methods
If you are continuing any SMRC Program (or Better Choice Better Health from Canary) during these interesting times, please please fill out this survey.  It will let us know how the evidence-based programs are doing.  We will ask you to do this monthly for the next few months.  It is short, and it is the same survey each month.

Download Tips on Offering Virtual Workshops using Zoom or Other Video-Conferencing Platforms
Developed by the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
Providing SMRC Suite of Self-Management Workshops Using a Virtual Platform

Watch recording of SMRC Webinar on Alternative Delivery Methods


Organizations search tips

Click on the "Sponsoring LICENSED organizations legal name" field and find your organization in the dropdown loaded.

When the dropdown is opened you can type some letters in your keyboard to filter the list by organization name.

If you cannot find your organization legal name keep the field empty and follow the instructions or send a message to the admininstrators staff.