Other Articles & Published Research

Other Articles and Published Research

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  1. Marconcin P., Tomé G., Carnide F., Yázigi F., Campos P., Pais S. & Espanha M. (2021). Translation, cultural adaptation and validation of the self-efficacy to manage chronic disease 6-item scale for European PortugueseAtca Rheumatológica Portuguese, 46:145-22.
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  2. Havercamp, S. M., Gjessing, R., & Whalen Smith, C. N. (2020). Chronic disease self-management program in american sign language: Evaluation and recommendationsHealth promotion practice21(2), 259-267.
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  3. Fattahi, C. (2018). Outcomes of implementing the chronic disease self-management program (CDSMP) in the Kurdish community.
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  4. Shi, J., McCallion, P., & Ferretti, L. A. (2017). Understanding differences between caregivers and non-caregivers in completer rates of Chronic Disease Self-Management ProgramPublic Health147, 128-135.
    View abstract
  5. Yank, V., Laurent, D., Plant, K., & Lorig, K. (2013). Web-based self-management support training for health professionals: a pilot study. Patient Education and Counseling90(1), 29-37.
    View abstract
  6. Hibbard, J., & Lorig, K. (2012). The dos and don’ts of patient engagement in busy office practicesThe Journal of Ambulatory Care Management35(2), 129-132.
  7. Ritter, P. L., Lee, J., & Lorig, K. (2011). Moderators of chronic disease self-management programs: who benefits?. Chronic illness7(2), 162–172.
    View abstract
  8. Huber, M., Knottnerus, J. A., Green, L., van der Horst, H., Jadad, A. R., Kromhout, D., … & Schnabel, P. (2011). How should we define health?Bmj343.
    View article
  9. Bruce, B., Lorig, K., & Laurent, D. (2007). Participation in patient self-management programsArthritis and rheumatism57(5), 851–854.
    View abstract
  10. Lorig, K. R., Ritter, P. L., Laurent, D. D., & Fries, J. F. (2004). Long-term randomized controlled trials of tailored-print and small-group arthritis self-management interventionsMedical care42(4), 346–354.
    View abstract
  11. Ritter, P., Lorig, K., Laurent, D., & Matthews, K. (2004). Internet versus mailed questionnaires: a randomized comparisonJournal of medical Internet research6(3), e29.
    View abstract
  12. Lorig, K. (2003). Self-management education: more than a nice extra.
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  13. vpn_key Bodenheimer, T., Lorig, K., Holman, H., & Grumbach, K. (2002). Patient self-management of chronic disease in primary careJAMA288(19), 2469–2475.
    View abstract
  14. Lorig, K., & Laurin, J. (1985). Some notions about assumptions underlying health educationHealth education quarterly12(3), 231–243.
    View abstract
  15. Lorig, K., Kraines, R. G., Brown, B. W., Jr, & Richardson, N. (1985). A workplace health education program that reduces outpatient visitsMedical care23(9), 1044–1054.
    View abstract
  16. Lenker, S. L., Lorig, K., & Gallagher, D. (1984). Reasons for the lack of association between changes in health behavior and improved health status: an exploratory studyPatient education and counseling6(2), 69–72.
    View abstract


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