Research Methodology: Articles & Published Research

Articles about Research Methods and Scaling

  1. Cudris-Torres L, Alpi SV, Barrios-Núñez Á, Arrieta NG, Campuzano MLG, Olivella-López G, Hernández-Lalinde J, Bermúdez V, Pérez OL, Niño-Vega JA, Navarro-Obeid J, Fernández RJO, Javela JJ. (2023) Psychometric properties of the self-efficacy scale for chronic disease management (SEMCD-S) in older Colombian adults. BMC psychology, 2023 Sep 30;11(1):301.  doi: 10.1186/s40359-023-01347-4. View article
  2. Ritter PL, Sheth K, Stewart AL, Gallagher-Thompson D, Lorig K. (2020) Development and Evaluation of the Eight-Item Caregiver Self-Efficacy Scale (CSES-8), The gerontologist,  gnaa174.  View article
  3. Ritter PL, Lorig K, & Laurent DD. (2016). Characteristics of the Spanish-and English-language self-efficacy to manage diabetes scales. The diabetes educator, 42(2), 167-177. View abstract
  4. Ritter PL, Ory MG, Smith ML, Jiang L, Alonis A, Laurent DD, & Lorig K. (2015). Linking evidence-based program participant data with medicare data: the consenting process and correlates of retrospective participant consents. Frontiers in public health, 2, 176.  View abstract
  5. Ritter PL, González VM, Laurent DD, & Lorig, K. R. (2006). Measurement of pain using the visual numeric scale. The journal of rheumatology, 33(3), 574-580.  View abstract
  6. Ritter PL, Stewart AL, Kaymaz H, Sobel DS, Block DA, & Lorig KR. (2001). Self-reports of health care utilization compared to provider records. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 54(2), 136–141.  View abstract
  7. Fischer D, Stewart AL, Bloch DA, Lorig K, Laurent D, & Holman H. (1999). Capturing the patient’s view of change as a clinical outcome measure. JAMA, 282(12), 1157–1162. View abstract
  8. González-Calvo J., González VM, & Lorig K. (1997). Cultural diversity issues in the development of valid and reliable measures of health status. Arthritis care and research : the official journal of the Arthritis Health Professions Association, 10(6), 448–456. View abstract
  9. Lorig K, González VM, Ritter P, & De Brey VN. (1997). Comparison of three methods of data collection in an urban Spanish-speaking population. Nursing research, 46(4), 230-234. View citation
  10. González VM, Stewart A, Ritter PL, & Lorig K. (1995). Translation and validation of arthritis outcome measures into Spanish. Arthritis and rheumatism, 38(10), 1429–1446.  View abstract
  11. Campbell BF, Sengupta S, Santos C, & Lorig KR. (1995). Balanced incomplete block design: description, case study, and implications for practice. Health education quarterly, 22(2), 201–210.  View abstract
  12. Redelmeier DA, & Lorig K. (1993). Assessing the clinical importance of symptomatic improvements. An illustration in rheumatology. Archives of internal medicine, 153(11), 1337–1342.  View abstract
  13. Lorig K, Chastain RL, Ung E, Shoor S, & Holman HR. (1989). Development and evaluation of a scale to measure perceived self-efficacy in people with arthritis. Arthritis and rheumatism, 32(1), 37–44.  View abstract


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