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Articles about Internet/Remote Delivery Programs

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  1. Steinman L, Chavez Santos E, Chadwick K, Mayotte C, Johnson SS, Kohn M, Kelley J, Denison P, Montes C, Spencer-Brown L & Lorig K (2023) Remote evidence-based health promotion programs during COVID: A national evaluation of reach and implementation for older adult health equity. Health Promot Pract. 2023 Jun 6:15248399231175843. doi: 10.1177/15248399231175843. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37282506; PMCID: PMC10251066.
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  2. vpn_key Turner, R. M., Ma, Q., Lorig, K., Greenberg, J., & DeVries, A. R. (2018) Evaluation of a diabetes self-management program: claims analysis on comorbid illnesses, health care utilization, and cost. Journal of medical Internet Research, 20(6), e207.
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  3. vpn_key Lorig, K., Ritter, P. L., Turner, R. M., English, K., Laurent, D. D., & Greenberg, J. (2016) A diabetes self-management program: 12-month outcome sustainability from a nonreinforced pragmatic trial. Journal of medical Internet research, 18(12), e322.
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  4. Gits AA, Ritter PL, Plant K, Lorig K.(2013) Coding and evaluating facilitator posts for an online cancer survivor workshop. J Psychosoc Oncol;31(2):219-34. View abstract
  5. Yank V, Laurent D, Plant K, Lorig K.  (2013) Web-based self-management support training for health professionals: A pilot study. Patient Educ Couns; Jan;90(1):29-37. View Abstract
  6. Lorig k, Ritter PL, Plant K, Laurent DD, Kelly P, Rowe S. (2013)  The South Australia Health chronic cisease self-management internet trial. Health Educ Behav; Feb;40(1):67-77. View abstract
  7. vpn_key Lorig, K., Thompson-Gallagher, D., Traylor, L., Ritter, P. L., Laurent, D. D., Plant, K., … & Hahn, T. J. (2012). Building better caregivers: a pilot online support workshop for family caregivers of cognitively impaired adults. Journal of Applied Gerontology;31(3), 423-437.
    View abstract
  8. Layi G, Albright CA, Berenberg J, Plant K, Ritter P, Laurent D, Lorig K, Bantum EO. (2011) UH Cancer Center Hotline: Recruiting cancer survivors for an online health-behavior change intervention: Are different strategies more beneficial? Hawaii Med J. October;70(10):222-23. View citation
  9. Jernigan Blue Bird V, Lorig K. (2011) The internet diabetes self-management workshop for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Health Promot Pract, March;12(2):261-70. View abstract
  10. Lorig K, Ritter PL, Laurent DD, Plant K, Green M, Jernigan VBB, Case S. (2010) Online diabetes self-management program: A randomized study. Diabetes Care, 33(6):1275-1281. View abstract
  11. Case S, Jernigan V, Gardner A, Ritter PL, Heaney CA, Lorig KR. (2009) Content and frequency of writing on diabetes bulletin boards: Does race make a difference? J Med Internet Res;11(2):e22. View abstract
  12. Lorig KR, Ritter PL, Laurent DD, Plant K. (2008) The internet-based arthritis self-management program: a one-year randomized trial for patients with arthritis or fibromyalgia. Arthritis Rheum; 15Jul;59(7):1009-17. View abstract
  13. vpn_key Lorig KR, Ritter PL, Dost A, Plant K, Laurent DD, McNeil I. (2008) The expert patient programme online, a 1-year study of an Internet-based self-management programme for people with long-term conditions. Chronic Illness;4(4):247-256. View abstract
  14. vpn_key Lorig K, Ritter PL, Laurent DD, Plant K. (2006) Internet-based chronic disease self-management: A randomized trial. Med Care;44(11):964-971. View abstract
  15. Bruce B, Lorig K, Laurent D, Ritter P. (2005) The impact of a moderated e-mail discussion group on Use of complementary and alternative therapies in subjects with recurrent back pain. Patient Education and Counseling;58:305-311. View abstract
  16. Ritter P, Lorig K, Laurent D, Matthews K. (2004) Internet versus mailed questionnaires: A randomized comparison. J Med Internet Res;6(3):e29. View abstract
  17. Lorig KR, Laurent DD, Deyo RA, Marnell ME, Minor MA, Ritter PL. (2002) Can a back pain e-mail discussion group improve health status and lower health care costs? A randomized study. Arch Intern Med;162:792-796. View abstract


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